Thursday, June 24, 2010

Need an alternative to your agency?

I've recently utilized the following content for an eblast to the Texas market. We continue to hear about how companies are having a hard time with their agencies and the three most prominent themes that we hear about are that they are too expensive, they don't listen/or understand, and those actually working on their account tend to be at a junior level in capabilities/experience.


Need an alternative to your agency?

Does your agency actually understand your business?

Why is it, when an agency is pitching for your business they send the flashy pitch team, and when the deal is done, they quietly usher in the "B" team to deliver?

The result: you spend a majority of your precious time managing them and in the end, you see the creative and gasp, "they just don't get my business."

There is a different way - an ideal way - to manage creative and marketing initiatives. With Creatis as the alternative to your agency, you will discover creativity in alignment with your business goals - at a fraction of the cost. Seriously.

Ready to manage your business, not your agency?
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With Creatis as your creative partner, your ideal day starts today.


I'm curious to hear your reactions to this approach.


  1. That is so true, Agency's are not concerned with their clients needs they just want to make more money, they promise the world and in the end they fall short.
    The Texas market really needs Creatis, good luck.

  2. Part of the challenge is that many clients expect these antics from their agency, and simply tolerate it. It is functionally dysfunctional.